Golden Retriever Breeding

If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, a Golden Retriever might be the perfect fit for you! Here are just a few reasons why owning a Golden Retriever is such a good idea:

They are intelligent and trainable: Golden Retrievers are known for their high intelligence and willingness to please, making them easy to train and a joy to work with. They excel in obedience and agility trials, and also make excellent service dogs.

They are loyal and loving: Golden Retrievers are known for their loving and loyal nature, and they make excellent companions. They are affectionate and patient with children, and they crave attention and love from their owners.

They are good with other pets: Golden Retrievers are typically good with other pets and get along well with dogs, cats, and other animals. They are social dogs and enjoy the company of other animals.

They are low maintenance: Golden Retrievers have a medium-length coat that is easy to maintain with regular brushing and baths. They don’t require a lot of grooming and are generally low maintenance compared to some other breeds.

They are adaptable: Golden Retrievers are known for their versatility and are well-suited to a variety of living situations. They can thrive in both city and rural environments and are happy to be active or relaxed, depending on their owner’s lifestyle.

Overall, owning a Golden Retriever is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. They are intelligent, loving, and adaptable dogs that make excellent companions for families and individuals alike.

My Windy Hill Kennels is the area’s top Golden Retriever Breeders.

Golden Retrievers were developed in the late 1800’s and were first exhibited in 1908. They have a gentle mouth and will rarely snap or bite and are especially patient with children. Goldens are well mannered and intelligent dogs.

They are easily trained, loyal, confident, sweet and eager to please. They thrive on human contact and can become mischievous if left alone for long periods of time. Daily exercise will keep these dogs happy. The smooth, medium length double coat is easy to groom. They weigh 55 to 80 lbs. and stand 20-24″ at the shoulders.

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